Supply of AstraZeneca medicines

Our modern and simplified supply and delivery service ensures that all community pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals will have the right medicine, delivered to the right place, for every patient, every time.

Supply Requirements Form

If you are experiencing problems obtaining AstraZeneca medicine please fill in the below Supply Requirements Form.

Please note - this is NOT an order form. Once you have received a response to your Supply Requirements Form, you should place your order as normal with the agent the following morning

AstraZeneca’s prime concern is to ensure patient welfare by making sure that patients have access to the products that they need. In order to minimize the risk of product shortages in the UK, AstraZeneca takes the appropriate measures to ensure that it has visibility of the levels of stock in circulation and can maintain continuity of supply to the whole of the UK.

AstraZeneca is keen to ensure that appropriate information & support is given to customers and to address any factors which may lead to a pharmacy having difficulty accessing an AstraZeneca product.

If you have any issues submitting the above Supply Requirements Form, please download the PDF version of 'Supply Requirements Form' - populate by hand or electronically and email:


GB-41701 DOP: January 2023