Supply of AstraZeneca medicines

Our modern and simplified supply and delivery service ensures that all community pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals will have the right medicine, delivered to the right place, for every patient, every time.

Supply of Medicines

We are working to a shared agenda with the NHS, health care professionals and the Government in delivering effective and efficient healthcare to patients. Our agent supply network ensures a modern and effective supply and delivery service is in place at all times.

AstraZeneca's Supply and Delivery Service

A review of how AstraZeneca medicines reached patients in the UK during 2007 highlighted opportunities to simplify and modernise the existing system to help us ensure that our medicines are delivered to those who need them, when they need them.

Old Supply Chain
Old Supply Chain

We now deliver our medicines directly to customers in the UK through three agency partners AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Alliance Healthcare and Phoenix.

We are supplying our medicines directly to the NHS with the help of our agency partners, instead of supplying them indirectly through a wholesaling system.

This more direct relationship, allows us to have a direct channel of communication and to better understand the needs of our customers and the UK Pharmaceutical supply chain environment.

New Supply Chain
New Supply Chain

Our supply chain allows us to partner more directly with our customers to:

  • Ensure a modern effective supply and delivery service is in place at all times
  • Make sure our medicines are delivered to those who need them, when they need them

Depots throughout the UK giving you choice and meeting your needs


Supply of Fluenz Tetra▼(nasal spray, suspension influenza vaccine (live attenuated))

This web page provides information to healthcare professionals on how to obtain supply of Fluenz Tetra.

NHS Childhood Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme

As part of the NHS Seasonal Flu Immunisation programme, from September 2018 children qualifying for a free nasal spray vaccine in GP surgeries are all 2-3 years old (but not 4 years or older) on 31st August 2018.

The school’s programme is being extended this season to school year 5 so that all children in reception year and school years 1-5 will be offered flu vaccination in England (apart from the Isles of Scilly where it is offered through general practice). In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, other cohorts maybe included.

In former school pilot areas all primary school aged children will continue to be offered the vaccine.

Those children in the clinically at-risk groups, aged 2 to less than 18 years of age (please see Green Book chapter 19 for definitions of clinically at-risk groups) that are eligible for flu vaccination via the school programme because of their age will be offered immunisation at school. However, these children are also eligible to receive the vaccine in general practice.

Stock can be ordered via Immform for the National Flu Programme.

Private Purchases

If you wish to purchase stock for anyone outside of the groups covered in the national programme but within license, please contact 08451 390000 to purchase Fluenz Tetra.

For private purchases, Fluenz Tetra is supplied by AstraZeneca’s standard terms and conditions of supply, subject to the following additional provisions:   

Fluenz Tetra requires cold chain storage and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is kept in the proper conditions at all times.     

Fluenz Tetra is not provided on a “sale or return” basis: if you do not sell or use the stocks of Fluenz Tetra that you purchase from AstraZeneca then you will have no right to return it to AstraZeneca and/or claim a refund

Supply of Iressa® (gefitinib) for England, Wales & Northern Ireland

This web page provides information to health care professionals on how to obtain supply of Iressa® either via the AstraZeneca Single Payment Access (SPA) Scheme or as a list price purchase.

Below you will find a number of options which will allow you to:

View the Astrazeneca SPA Scheme terms and conditions

View a guide to ordering Iressa® (gefitinib)

Link to AAH ordering website

Supply of Iressa® (gefitinib) for Scotland

IRESSA 250mg film-coated tablets (gefitinib) has been available within Scotland, with effect from 7th December 2015.

Stock can be ordered via our Agent, AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd on 0344 561 8899 or email:

Please be aware that you will need an AAH Account to order.

Supply of Lynparza▼(Olaparib)

This website provides information to health care professionals on how to obtain supply of Lynparza for England, Northern Ireland and Wales, either via the AstraZeneca Patient Access Scheme (PAS) or as a list price purchase.

Lynparza is available to order online via AAH Pharmaceuticals website a AAH account number will be required. Prior to ordering through the PAS Scheme the health care professional will be required to register each patient.

For a reminder of your AAH login details or to set up an account with AAH Pharmaceuticals or for further information please contact:-

Customer Helpline: 0800 917 9447

Customer Helpline: 0800 917 9447



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Date of Preparation: July 2018