Supply of AstraZeneca medicines

Our modern and simplified supply and delivery service ensures that all community pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals will have the right medicine, delivered to the right place, for every patient, every time.

Supply chain FAQ

Account Administration Answers

How do I open an Account to purchase AstraZeneca Product (Retail Pharmacy)?

You will need to have an account with AAH Pharmaceuticals. You can contact our agency partner now to discuss your requirements:

AAH Pharmaceuticals
Tel: 0344 561 6699

Product Information Answers

I have received a Faulty product what do I do?

All faulty products need to be reported to our Medical Information department on 0800 783 0033 (option 2).

I'm a Community Pharmacy & have been told I need authorisation to obtain a hospital line (such as Faslodex, ....)?

For authorisation to obtain a hospital line, such as Faslodex; order the product as normal via your PMR system directly with your chosen agent AAH Pharmaceuticals.. If you encounter a message indicating that you cannot order the product, please complete a Supply Requirements Form Click here.

How to find out if AstraZeneca product is manufactured in another country?

Please contact our Medical Information department on 0800 783 0033 (option 2).

When will I be invoiced for the SPA Fee?

The invoice will be issued on ordering the 3rd pack for the patient.

I have received a damaged product what do I do?

Please contact your agent within 3 days of receipt of damaged product.

I'm a Community pharmacy and have a prescription for Iressa, how do I order it?

You can only order Iressa at list price and not as part of the SPA scheme. Please go to the following link to place a list price order form or contact AAH Pharmaceuticals on 0800 9179447.

How do I find out more information about Fluenz?

You can obtain more information on Fluenz through the following website: or if you have a medical query contact our Medical Information on  0800 783 0033 (option 2).

I'm a GP Practice, how do I order Fluenz?

If you are ordering stock as part of the national childhood influenza vaccination programme, you will need to order through Immform. Deliveries will be as per customer’s normal Movianto delivery schedule.

If you wish order to for Private patients you can order by calling our selected partner, AAH Pharmaceuticals on 0845 139 0000 option 1. Deliveries will be as per customer’s normal AAH Pharmaceuticals delivery schedule

I'm a Community Pharmacy, how do I order Fluenz?

If you wish to order stock for the current season please contact AAH Pharmaceuticals.

Does AstraZeneca offer a sale or return option for Fluenz?

No. There is no option for sale or return on Fluenz.

Where can I locate AstraZeneca product prices?

AstraZeneca no longer maintains product price lists. You will have access to prices at point of purchase with your agent..

Stock Availability Answers

My depot is Out of Stock of AstraZeneca product. Can I order directly through AstraZeneca?

Unfortunately, we don't have the facility for you to order directly.

I have ordered product but have not received the full amount, on my delivery, the invoice mentions 'Agency Restricted'?

You have reached a supply management limit in the system, to review your account and for you to obtain product, fill in the Supply Requirements Form Click here.

I have submitted a Supply Requirements Form, when will it be reviewed?

If you have submitted the form before 3.00pm it should be reviewed the same day, you will be communicated to at the end of the working day. After this time the review will be done the next working day.

I have already completed a Supply Requirements Form, why do I need to complete again?

Unfortunately, we do need you to complete the form again. If your requirements have changed since the last review we will need to review your account according to your current need, this can only be completed once a Supply Requirements Form has been submitted.

I am always completing a Supply Requirements Form each month and have the same problems obtaining AstraZeneca product. I want a long term change to my account?

You will still be required to fill in the Supply Requirements Form but add that you wish to request an audit. Participating in a customer audit may help to solve supply problems you may have experienced.

I have completed and submitted a Supply Requirements Form to you but I still have not received any delivery?

The Supply Requirements Form is not an order form. Once you have received a response to your Supply Requirements Form, you should place an order as normal with the relevant wholesaler the following morning.

How do I obtain supply of Evusheld?

Please contact our Medical Information on 0800 783 0033 (option 2).

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