Meet Sam

Sam* has asthma and will never forget her first asthma attack.

Meet Sam
Meet Sam


She has lasting anxiety20,21 and takes her blue inhaler everywhere despite being on maintenance treatment.

She frequently reaches for her blue inhaler at the earliest sign of symptoms.

What does Sam really want from her asthma treatment?

“Most importantly, I don’t want to live in fear of an asthma attack”

“I also want relief that works as fast as my blue inhaler”

“I don’t want my asthma symptoms to be what stops me doing what I want to do”

“I want to take as few steroids as possible”

“And of course I want an inhaler that’s easy to use and won’t give me side effects”

* Please note that Sam is a fictional patient but is based on the profile of asthma patients who may over-rely on SABA therapy.

SABA: short acting beta-agonist.