Symbicort® COPD (budesonide/formoterol)

Symbicort® Turbohaler® and Symbicort® pMDI are combinations of an inhaled corticosteroid and a long-acting β2-agonist 

How to use the pMDI

Symbicort® pMDI

The Symbicort® pMDI is available as a 200 µg/6 µg per actuation, pressurised inhalation, suspension.3

The Symbicort® pMDI is suitable for the relevant COPD patients who prefer or need a pMDI, or/and can no longer use a dry-powder inhaler (DPI) such as a Turbohaler®.3

The easy view dose counter allows your patients to determine the remaining number of doses.

To use the Symbicort® pMDI:3   

  • If the inhaler is new, has not been used for more than one week or if it has been dropped it must be primed before use. Prime the inhaler by shaking well for 5 seconds, remove the mouthpiece and actuate it into the air. Wait for 10 seconds and repeat
  • Shake the inhaler well for at least 5 seconds prior to use
  • Remove the mouthpiece cover
  • Hold the inhaler upright
  • Place the mouthpiece in the mouth. While breathing in slowly and deeply, press the device firmly to release the medication. Continue to breathe in and hold the breath for approximately 10 seconds or as long as is comfortable. Inhaling at the same time as actuating the inhaler ensures that active substances reach the lungs. Remove the inhaler from your mouth before you breath out slowly
  • If you need to take another dose, shake the inhaler again and repeat
  • Replace the mouthpiece cover after use
  • Rinse the mouth with water after inhaling the prescribed dose to minimise the risk of oropharyngeal thrush
  • Clean the mouthpiece of the inhaler regularly, at least once a week with a clean dry cloth
  • The Symbicort pMDI can be used with or without a spacer. If required, an AeroChamber Plus Flow Vu or AeroChamber Plus spacer is recommended

For full details on how to use the Symbicort® pMDI please consult the patient leaflet:

Symbicort pMDI 200/6 PIL :