Symbicort® (budesonide/formoterol) Asthma

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Asthma ICS/LABAs and Symbicort®

Symptom control

Improvement in asthma control days7

Compared with their baseline, patients who received Symbicort SMART* 200/6μg bd + additional inhalations as needed had a seven fold increase in asthma control days††(5.8% vs 41.3%).

This was similar to the change in asthma control days†† seen with salmeterol/fluticasone 250μg bd + SABA (5.7% vs 43.7%).

Note: value was not included in paper

Asthma control days†† defined as:7

  • No day-time symptoms
  • No night-time symptoms
  • No night awakenings caused by asthma
  • No as-needed medication use

Symbicort® SMART was shown to achieve fewer severe exacerbations** and similar symptom control*** at a 25% lower mean steroid load††† than salmeterol/fluticasone + SABA7



The benefits of Symbicort® SMART* 200/6μg bd + additional inhalations as needed (39% reduction in the incidence of severe exacerbations and similar daily asthma control*** vs salmeterol/fluticasone 50/250μg bd + SABA as needed) were achieved at a lower mean steroid load.†††7

Mean overall daily inhaled corticosteroid dose in beclomethasone dipropionate equivalents was approximately 755μg in the Symbicort® maintenance and reliever therapy group vs 1000μg in the salmeterol/fluticasone + SABA group.7

Randomised, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel group 6-month study compared the safety and efficacy of Symbicort®* with salmeterol/fluticasone and a fixed maintenance dose of Symbicort®, both with terbutaline for relief. 3335 symptomatic adults and adolescents (mean FEV1 73% predicted, mean inhaled corticosteroid dose 745 µg/day) were recruited.7

*Symbicort® maintenance and reliever therapy.

**Severe exacerbations defined as deterioration in asthma requiring hospitalisation or emergency room treatment, or the need for oral steroids for ≥3 days (as judged by the investigator).7

***Asthma control defined as percentage of symptom free days, nights free of awakening, reliever free days and asthma control days.7

Doses are expressed as metered dose.

††Derived from diary-card data.7

†††Reduction in steroid load calculated as the reduction in BDP equivalent dose between salmeterol/fluticasone 50/250 µg and Symbicort® 200/6 µg bd (SMART)