BRCA Testing

For women with ovarian cancer, early identification of BRCA mutations can help determine the most appropriate treatment plan, and if the mutation is germline, can also support identification of family members at risk, and reduce future cancers through potential interventions.1–3

Whilst germline BRCA testing for women with ovarian cancer is now commissioned by NHS England, funding for tumour BRCA testing remains limited.4,5 Therefore, to support identification of these women, AstraZeneca is providing a tumour BRCA testing service  at certain sites in the UK for patients who meet the eligibility criteria.

Here you can find out more about BRCA testing, what the AstraZeneca tumour BRCA testing service is and how you can access it.

Downloadable testing forms

If you would like to access the AstraZeneca tumour BRCA testing service for an eligible patient please download one of the forms below.

Note, there are significant differences to the forms based on laboratory requirements (e.g. information about sample, details of where to send sample), so please ensure they are completed correctly for the laboratory of choice.