TAGRISSO (osimertinib)

TAGRISSO is an EGFR TKI indicated as a monotherapy for:

Second-line TAGRISSO

AURA3 study design

AURA3 was a Phase Ill, randomised, international, open-label study comparing TAGRISSO with platinum-pemetrexed in 419 patients with EGFR T790M mutation-positive NSCLC who had disease progression on 1L EGFR-TKI therapy:9-11

  • Primary endpoint: PFS (by investigator assessment)
  • Secondary endpoints: ORR, DoR, OS, DCR, tumour shrinkage, health-related quality of life (HRQoL), and safety
AURA3 study design
AURA3 study design

Inclusion criteria:9-10

  • Locally-advanced or metastatic NSCLC
  • Radiological documentation of disease following 1st-line EGFR TKI treatment without any further treatment
  • At least one lesion, not previously irradiated
  • Eligible to receive treatment with platinum-pemetrexed
  • Central confirmation of T790M+ mutation status
  • World Health Organization performance status 0–1