This series of promotional meetings has been developed by AstraZeneca and OmniaMed SB. AstraZeneca has fully funded the meetings and is responsible for the content, logistics, and selection of speakers. OmniaMed SB has provided support. This Primary Care meeting is intended for HCPs in the following roles only:  Doctors, Nurses, Specialist Nurses, Pharmacists, Dietitians, NHS Medicines Management and Clinical Commissioning professionals. This invitation is non-transferable to any other HCP roles.

Partnering for progress in type 2 diabetes: Exploring patient engagement in primary care


Partnering for progress in type 2 diabetes: Exploring patient engagement in primary care

09:00–09:30 Registration and coffee

Chair’s Introduction

Session 1

Patient-centred diabetes care: Are there opportunities for improvement?


Living with type 2 diabetes: A patient perspective from Fixing Dad 

  1. Experience of one patient after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (Fixing Dad)
  2. How Geoff Whitington made changes to diet and lifestyle with support from family and friends
10:20–10:55 Patient engagement in type 2 diabetes: Can psychological insights help us to improve clinical outcomes?
  1. What is patient engagement, and does it matter in type 2 diabetes care?
  2. Encouraging patients to engage with their type 2 diabetes
Refreshment break

Getting our language right in diabetes consultations: Is the impact of HCPs’ language overhyped or should we pay more attention to this?

  1. Background to the “Language Matters” consensus document
  2. Consequences of poor communication by HCPs

Communicating effectively in diabetes consultations: Are HCPs making the most of this essential clinical skill?

  1. What’s important for each patient?
  2. Adjusting our communication style for individual patients
Session 2

Therapy options in type 2 diabetes: What are the considerations in practice?


Impact of glucose-lowering therapy choices: How can we guide patients with type 2 diabetes through the options?

  1. Post-metformin, what do the current guidelines recommend?
  2. Clinical inertia: what are the barriers for HCPs and patients with Diabetes?
  3. Selecting an appropriate glucose-lowering therapy in type 2 diabetes

Forxiga (dapagliflozin): Clinical trial evidence supported by UK real world experience

  1. Where might Forxiga fit into the clinical pathway?
  2. Overview of clinical data and real-world experience for Forxiga (dapagliflozin) 
Refreshment break
Session 3
Targeting optimal diabetes management: Small changes, big differences?

Getting the most from your 10-minute diabetes consultation

  1. Motivational interviewing: Encouraging next steps on the patient engagement continuum
  2. Useful tips and resources to support patients with diabetes 

Reflections on the day & panel Q&A

  1. Recognising and responding to different levels of engagement in patients with diabetes.
  2. Interactive questions and answers with session speakers
Chair’s close

AstraZeneca type 2 diabetes medicines will be discussed at these meetings. Prescribing information for all AstraZeneca type 2 diabetes medicines and adverse event reporting information will be available at each of the meetings.