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This website contains promotional content about AstraZeneca Medications. This website is intended for healthcare professionals involved in the Acute Coronary Syndrome care pathway, such as hospital specialists from cardiology and cardiology-related departments, including A&E and elderly care, as well as GPs with a specific interest in cardiology, nurses, pharmacists and payers with budget responsibilities in cardiology.

Meeting Calendar

Date Meeting Location

16–18 January 2019

Advanced Cardiovascular Intervention (ACI) 2019

London, UK

16–20 February 2019

Cardiology Update 2019

Davos, Switzerland

18–19 February 2019

30th European Heart Diseases and Heart Failure Congress

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

28 February–01 March 2019

World Cardiology Experts Meeting

Osaka, Japan

02–04 March 2019

Acute Cardiovascular Care 2019

Malaga, Spain

08 March 2019

Interactive Cardiology Conference 2019

Glasgow, Scotland

15–16 March 2019

4th Global Summit on Heart Diseases

Singapore City, Singapore

16–18 March 2019

American Congress of Cardiology (ACC) 2019

New Orleans, LA, USA

27–28 March 2019

25th International Conference on Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Sydney, Australia

27–28 March 2019

5th World Heart Congress

Sydney, Australia

29 April–01 May 2019

4th World Heart Congress

Kyoto, Japan

02–04 May 2019

EuroHeartCare 2019

Milan, Italy

13–14 May 2019

2nd Global Cardiology Summit

Perth, Australia

10–11 June 2019 

29th International Conference on Cardiology and Healthcare

Helsinki, Finland

17–19 June 2019

31st Annual Cardiologists Conference

Rome, Italy

This list is a selection of congresses identified as being potentially of interest and is not exhaustive. AstraZeneca are not organisers of the above congresses but may sponsor promotional or non-promotional activities such as exhibition stands, symposia, or other activities at such congresses.