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June 2018

The value of risk scores for assessing the role of long-term dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) in non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) patients
Prof Anthony Gershlick


Prof Anthony Gershlick

Consultant cardiologist since 1989. Made Professor of Interventional Cardiology at University of Leicester 2008. Major interest has been in acute cardiology and intervention for coronary artery disease. Was the first in the UK to undertake clinical brachytherapy,  the first to implant a drug eluting stent and the first to treat a patient in the UK with stem cells from the leg muscle and the first to implant a bio-absorbable stent.

Lead faculty for multiple major International meetings. Research interests over the years have covered the basic science/pre-clinical area as well as the application of proven basic concepts as applied to and assessed in the clinical arena. “Since the early 1990s lab has investigated ways of delivering drugs loaded onto the stents themselves in order to reduce the unwanted tissue response. In 1996 Prof Gershlick published a benchmark pre-clinical study in Circulation that demonstrated the efficacy of drugs delivered locally in this way. Current pre-clinical projects include assessing whether loading of stents with HIF- (a growth factor switch molecule) for treating difficult CTOs. He devised, ran and analysed the REACT trial and was co-Principal Investigator of the New England Journal of Medicine published STREAM trial.